Recording artiste Don AndrE says Spice is creating controversy to stay relevant. He has denied allegations that he has been paying DJs to stop playing Spice’s song ‘Needle Eye’.

Don AndrE is also promoting a song with the same title,

“I take these accusations very seriously. It affects my integrity and what I stand for in this business. All my followers know I have always been very supportive of fellow musicians. I show respect, support and repost achievements of artistes whether we are my friends or not. Just about anyone can tell you that I am the type of artiste that’s easy to get along with, so this is no joke to me,” an upset Don AndrE said.

In a post on her Facebook page, Spice has lashed out at Don AndrE, stating that; “There is a space in dancehall for every song. When you realised how the man dem rate mi in the streets and you couldn’t buy them out you come a try look friend, yes everybody tell mi back. A nuh everybody a go make yu two little pound frighten dem.”

“Spice continues to create senseless charades in order to be relevant in the media. She creates all kinds of ridiculous stories that turn out to be a complete waste. I don’t want to be a part of it,” Don AndrE stated publicly.


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