Dancehall artiste Spice has refuted claims that she personally brought a minor on stage during her recent performance of ‘So Mi Like It’ in Belmont Beach, Westmoreland.

According to the deejay, the boy’s father was the one who brought the minor to the platform, and was supervising his presence on stage.

“During my performance of So Mi Like It, I invited adult female patrons on the stage to dance during the performance because this is a usual custom of mine. As is customary, an adult male would come on stage to dance with the female patron, however, on this night in question, a pre-teen, somewhere around the age of 13 years old, came on to my set and started dancing with the lady,” she said.


Spice said the boy’s father approached her explaining that the child was an upcoming artiste, and he wanted him to stay on the stage under his supervision. She also apologised to viewers who found the presentation offensive.

“Because I got the permission of his parent, who was in attendance and supervising I, continued my set. I certainly understand the concerns of those who were not in attendance and I apologise to those I have offended. To be honest, I probably should have asked him to leave my set. But his parent was adamant that he remains and that was how he wanted to market the artiste/his son,” Spice said regrettably.

Spice also questioned how far should child entertainers be allowed to go since they are regularly featured in violent films in the US and horror movies.

“The real question is, therefore, how far is too far for child stars? That is a decision only parents, legal guardians and the children/teens involved can answer because they are the ones who understand what will or will not affect their child on their path to success in the field of entertainment,” she said.


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