Dancehall Queen Spice went on Instagram yesterday to reflect on her past and how far she has made it in life.

Spice went on to make a vow to herself and family that poverty will never see her face again.

Check out what Spice said below in her Instagram post:

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“My father died when I was only 9 years old and I have been fighting for survival ever since. I’m coming from one pair of shoes to many, from borrowing my sister’s clothes to now giving away, lost my home in the fire so at one point I was homeless to now owning Houses. I came from $0 to the big $M. I am determined to never meet poverty again. I am the living testimony that you can make it no matter what. They see the glory but don’t know the story. Today I want to tell you to Believe in your self, fight for your dreams, never give up no matter what life throws at you. Pray hard and don’t get distracted along the way. I haven’t even started working yet I’m just getting started. To all my haters you’re fighting a losing battle you can’t destroy what God is molding.”

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