A St Ann woman was stabbed by her ex-lover in Ocho Rios, St Ann on Wednesday afternoon, after she made a report to the police that the man had threatened to kill her.

The female has been identified by relatives as 20-year-old Alisa Garey, a bartender of Ocho Rios.

A relative explained to Loop News that Garey broke off a relationship she had with a man, but the obsessive male refused to accept that the relationship was over.

Further information is that the male went to Garey’s house on Wednesday morning and threatened that he would kill her.

Garey later went to the Ocho Rios police and reported the threat. It is understood that the male was warned by the police and both left the station in opposite directions.

However, Garey was pounced upon and attacked by her ex-boyfriend at the back entrance of Champion Plaza, on the Ocho Rios bypass. She was reportedly stabbed by him in the chest with a knife, before he ran from the scene.

Garey was assisted to the hospital by relatives, where she died while being treated.

A police officer on the scene confirmed to Loop News that the alleged ex-lover of the woman was apprehended.

He is now in police custody, where he is to be questioned by investigators.

The incident drew scores of onlookers as a police forensic team examined the crime scene.


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