A gorgeous model has left Twitter users dumbfounded with her stunning doll-like features, which have prompted some to wonder whether she’s actually real.

Nyadak Thot, who rose to fame on Australia’s Next Top Model when she was just 17 years old, shared a mesmerizing photo of herself on Twitter last week.

The 21-year-old, who goes by Duckie, can be seen staring into the camera with her hands brushing her right thigh. In the snap, Duckie’s striking facial features are on full display.

Accomplished: She came in third and continued building her modelling career. Duckie now lives in New York, where she is represented by the New York Models agency

The model seemed to enjoy the comparisons, and sent out a humorous tweet showing a disheveled Barbie with the caption: ‘I’m not perfect. Sometimes, a girl slips.’Spreading the word: One of the model's friends sent her a photo of a Barbie taking a mirror selfie, presumably replying to the Twitter confusion caused by her initial snap

Duckie later asked her followers: ‘Did y’all just nominate me to be ya new barbie? I mean…’

Her friends got in on the joke too, and the model said one of them had sent her a photo showing a Barbie doll taking a mirror selfie, presumably in response to the Twitter confusion.



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