Stephens: “Incidentally… I’m listening out for a clear and detailed apology first to Lady G and then to myself. Maybe then I’ll think it’s a little less laughable. A no di one weh shit a pass memba, a di one weh tep in deh! Jamaica, for the new year you simply must stop misdiagnosing mental illness and bad behaviour of spoilt brats.”



Marion Hall, more commonly known as Lady Saw recently announce the shocking news to the world that she is now a converted Christian and will no longer be performing the ranching Dancehall music that she is famous for. But instead, will be a devoted child of the lord.

The former dancehall diva decided to cancel all her previously scheduled performances as a way of getting a fresh start with the lord. She also decided that she would make herself clean by apologizing to all who she might have hurt or done wrong to in the past which included fellow female dancehall artistes Spice, Tifa andMacka Diamond.

In an open letter extracted from the Jamaica Gleaner Lady Saw dishes it all and answered all the questions everyone was eager to find out since her coming out as a born again Christian.


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