ST ANDREW, Jamaica – In light of the savagery against ladies and young ladies said to be executed by men acting like cabbies, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, today issued a notice for all drivers of Public Passenger vehicles (PPV) to have their tints evacuated by next Monday.

Holness, who was tending to columnists at a meeting held at Jamaica House, said that directions of a zero resilience approach were given to the police “with wrongdoings that are taken inside the circle of open transportation”.

“Specifically, enlisted taxicabs (PPV’s), must, by the thirteenth of this current month, expel all tints from vehicles [as] it is as of now the law,” Holness stated, adding that vehicles thought to be robots will be given exceptional consideration by the police and transport specialist.

“The police have been coordinated to venture up their operations in such manner,” Holness expressed.

The head administrator today met with Cabinet with the few of supporting suggestions by the National Security Council to handle wrongdoing in Jamaica.


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