Madison Coe, a 14-year-old visiting her father in New Mexico, died Sunday morning after being electrocuted in her bathtub. According to reports, she was reaching for her device although it’s not certain whether or not the phone was plugged in or if she was actually plugging it in at the time.

“There was a burn mark on her hand, the hand that would have grabbed the phone. And that was just very obvious that that’s what had happened,” Madison’s grandmother, Donna O’Guinn, said.

She went on to warn others of the dangers of using a phone while you’re in a bathtub in hopes that it can save other lives one day. “This is such a tragedy that doesn’t need to happen to anyone else. And we want something good to come out of this as awareness of not using your cell phone in the bathroom as it is plugged in and charging,” she said.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.


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