Over the past couple days Paparazzi Jamaica had posted some news about the disappearance of many victims whose photos appeared online showing them to be dead.

This is not the case for many seeing that many viewers had made some complaint that the photos and videos we issued of the ‘dead’ victim were not the true. We now understand that the kidnappers/rapist are using social media as and aid to hide their true identity and making the public assume that the missing victim is dead so the parents/guardians of the victim will reduce the pressure in locating them.

Yesterday we had posted an image of an Camper Down high school girl that was published on social media as missing and then turned up dead following a voice note attached to it to make it seem real but we now understand that they used the victim to make that voice note then issued it to Social Media.

CamperDown High School Girl Found DEAD .. Stabbed & Raped!– [VIDEO INSIDE]

In addition to that report, We here at Paparazzi Jamaica would like to apologize for any false news we had reported and would like assure you we will be more alert on the type of news we issue to the public from now on.

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