Is Blac Chyna responsible for Kylie Jenner and Tyga‘s sudden split? According to Ian Halperin who penned the hit tell-all book Kardashian Dynasty – Chyna has been slowly dripping poison about her ex to the Kardashian/Jenner matriarch Kris Jenner.

The 60-year-old momager was so concerned about her daughter’s relationship with Tyga, after Chyna told her some shocking details about the ‘Rack City’ rapper, she put pressure on the 18-year-old to call it quits! Author Ian Halperin confirmed that his sources told him that Kris was never fond of Tyga to begin with and neither was the entire family.


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But after Kris called a meeting with her future daughter-in-law Blac Chyna – who she is desperate to keep sweet because of her pregnancy – the video vixen “dished a mouthful” about Tyga.

She was allegedly ‘shocked’ by some of the tea that Chyna was spilling and decided that Tyga needed to go! Halperin has not revealed what exactly was said in the meeting between Chyna and Kris, but after their talk “she had lengthy talks with Kylie and they both agreed the best thing for Kylie was to move on,” Ian alleges.

And that’s not all the tea Ian is spilling….

Untitled-design-27Ian Halperin author of Kardashian Dynasty has revealed the real reason why Tyga and Kylie Jenner broke up. Halperin also revealed that Kylie was terrified of catching an STD from Tyga due to his alleged cheating!

“She was worried about catching a sexual disease from him,” a friend of Kylie’s revealed to Ian Halperin. “For a while she stopped having sex with him. But she kept it going believing that they might have a future together, despite Tyga’s bad ways.”

Tyga loved to flaunt his sex life with Kylie in his songs while they were together, as seen in the controversial song Stimulated. However Kylie herself has remained fairly hush-hush about their time in the bedroom.

Despite the couple being together for over two years there are only a few photos of the two showing any PDA. It is said to be this as well as Blac Chyna stirring the pot that led to the break up of Kyga. “The second Chyna rolled into bed with Rob [Kardashian] it marked the end of Tyga’s Kardashian journey,” a source told Ian. Kris is one of the sharpest people one could ever meet.

The source added: “She’s nobody’s fool. And she knew there was not room for both Tyga and Chyna in the Kardashian fold. She chose Chyna.”


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