Due to an ongoing investigation, We can only share a limited amount of information because we do not want to compromise anything that is motion for the benefit of our rape victim. Her identity will also be withheld. Paparazzi Jamaica was able to obtain some information about the alleged rape video that went viral on social media yesterday.

Please be advised that Paparazzi Jamaica is unable to verify all facts of what we were told. We’re only sharing it as we got it.

– the victim is only 14 years old.

– It’s alleged that the rape occurred in February of the year.

– the alleged rape occurred in a rural part of Jamaica.

– the 14 year old victim was allegedly raped by 3 young men. All in their mid 20s. One of which was allegedly ODANE ( in photo).

– 2 of the 3 have already turned themselves in since the rape in February. ODANE unfortunately has allegedly eluded authorities.

– it’s alleged that when the rape was first reported to district police, it was brushed off as “young boys & girl supposedly experimenting”

– the alleged rape occurred as the 14 year old victim was sent to buy something at the neighborhood store. It was there that she encountered the alleged rapists. She knew ODAINE because he was always trying to get her attention whenever she was in that area. One that specific day, it’s alleged that he pulled her into the yard, carried her into the apartment, where he took first turn. All 3 allegedly raped her one by one.

We were told that prior to this alleged rape, after complaints to her father, ODANE was warned by the father. This supposedly did not sit well with Odane’s ego. Which is why you heard him muttering in video that the victim disrespected him. This alleged rape was a form of punishment.

It’s rumored that at that time the incident occurred, ODANE’s mother worked in the district’s Police Station. She was not a officer. He (Odane) was supposedly tipped off when the video was first posted back in February. The mother was supposedly given an absence of leave in the interim. She fled with Odane then.

Now, from what we’re hearing- the rape video resurfaced because words were recently exchanged between Odane & a family member. Odane we guess felt the need to express his threats yet again, and uploaded the video a second time to apparently embarrass the family yet again. Months after the rape took place.

The female in uniform who ODANE posted as the supposed victim is not the victim.

Again, we can’t say much, because of how sensitive this whole situation is and the ongoing legal ramifications. What I can say is this – THE FATHER IS EXTREMELY EXTREMELY TORN UP ABOUT THIS and the nasty comments that are being posted about his one child.

ODANE is still in hiding despite his online glorification or supposed justification/explanation of his despicable actions in the video.

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