The Weeknd’s second album, Beauty Behind the Madness, released early this morning, and everyone has collectively been taking in the Canadian singer’s latest offering of moody tunes. The music touches on usual topics in The Weeknd’s wheelhouse: women, drugs, and sex. There’s one lyric that, at least to sneaker people, stands out amongst the rest. It’s on the song “Tell Your Friends,” and the content is shocking to anyone who has paid attention to sneaker crimelately.



On the song The Weeknd says, “Me and Lamar would rob a nigga for his Jordans/And flip it just to get these hoes another nose fix.”

Artists aren’t held to telling the truth on every song, although the public would like to believe that’s the case, but that doesn’t make The Weeknd’s lyrics any less startling. It becomes more vivid with him following that up by saying that he would sell the sneakers to buy cocaine for women.

Until The Weeknd addresses the validity of this statement, we’ll just have to take it for what it’s worth: a portion of a song that was made for entertainment.


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