A Clarendon woman is moving to take legal action against a medical institution in the parish, claiming negligence of doctors at the facility led to the death of her 3-year-old son.

Nadine Dennis said, last Wednesday, her son Andrew Stephens became ill and was rushed to hospital. But, instead of attending to the child, doctors ordered her to return home with young Andrew, claiming the situation did not warrant the child being admitted, she said.

An emotional Dennis told Loop News that she begged and pleaded with authorities to admit her son, who she said refused to eat or drink for days.

Dennis said doctors scoffed at the request and told her there was no need for the child to remain at the hospital.

The distraught mother said, within hours of returning home with the child, and then rushing back to the hospital, the baby died.

Days after the tragic incident, Dennis is still seeking answers.

“How can medical officials be so unprofessional? I went to the facility, begged and pleaded, asked the doctor to look at my baby, and all he did was ask me a few questions and said I should return home with the baby and monitor him from home,” the crying mother claimed in a Loop News interview.

“Doctor said, take home the baby, but I said ‘doctor, is three to four day him no eat, him (the baby) barely a drink and even had running belly; still the medical official ignored my plea,” said the mother.

Dennis said she had reluctantly taken Andrew back home. While at home, she said she noticed that the child was still crying and took him to a private doctor in her area.

The medical official at the private institution, Dennis said, took one look at the child and told the mother that the situation was serious and she should rush with the child back to the hospital.

She said she dropped everything, returned to the institution and again encountered problems.

“Me rush with me baby and a tell them say is an emergency and all porter come tell me that I can’t park where I park. Can you imagine? That was what they were focused on and me baby dying,” the mother claimed in the Loop News interview.

The mother claimed that, shortly after medical staff took the baby and rushed to the emergency room, they returned to tell her that Andrew died.

“Right now, I am moving to take legal action,” she disclosed. “I need answers.”


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