Things women do to hide the fact that they are cheating on their spouse.

#1 She Picks A Fight

If she’s nagging you and picking fights she might be trying to find reasons to break it off.

#2 She Made A New Friend

If she’s spending a lot of time with someone she doesn’t really want to tell you about besides that he’s “just a friend” then she’s cheating.

#3 She Asks About Your Daily Plans

If she suddenly takes a huge intereset in your daily routine schedule then that might be a sign she’s trying to schedule around you.

#4 She’s Daydreaming A Lot

If you try to talk to her about important things and she’s preoccupied then she’s not super into you anymore.

#5 She’s Silent

If you confront her about cheating and she’s silent then that’s a yes.

#6 She Hides Her Phone

Does she quickly put her phone down every time you walk in the room? She’s hiding something.

#7 She Stops Cuddling

If she stops wanting to be intimate with you than she’s not into you anymore. Regardless of the reason, it’s time to move on.


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