This is British woman Sarah Tetley, 26, and she’s been with husband Charlie Tetley, 34, since she was 18. There were a few hints that something was a bit off about him. He admitted to sleeping with prostitutes at his bachelor party. When Sarah become pregnant, he told her she would have to have an abortion if it was a boy. After they had their daughter, Charlie wouldn’t even touch the baby for 3 months and threatened to leave Sarah if she didn’t lose weight. He would shut himself up in his room and was very protective about his computer.

But even so, Sarah was not prepared when the unthinkable happened one night . . .

One morning Sarah was woken up by her husband doing something that wasn’t right, as she told ‘This Morning’:

“I woke up in the morning in that drowsy waking up stage and realised he was molesting me in my sleep. At the time I thought I’d just pretend I was asleep. … He stopped pretty quickly ”

She ran downstairs and decided to alert the authorities. The police ended up taking a look at Charlie’s computer and what they found was shocking . . .

The police found home videos on Charlie’s computer that documented hundreds of instances of his raping and/or molesting his wife Sarah in her sleep. What’s more disturbing is that she remains lifeless in the videos; it is suspected that Charlie had been drugging his wife to keep her docile during these attacks. In addition, there was also footage of him having his way with household objects. Sarah never had a clue.

Charlie Tetley pled guilty to 26 counts of rape and is now serving 12 years. We don’t think 12 years is nearly enough.


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