Three teens were arrested and charged in Nashua, New Hampshire for felony larceny involving Air Jordans. The men (pictured above), Andrew Thompson (19), Christopher Francisco (19), and Frey Cayetano (19), met the victim on the pretense of purchasing Jordans and other apparel whose value was upwards of $3,000. The men assaulted the seller before stealing the pieces in question and making off with them. They were subsequently arrested close to their homes.

If convicted, under the statute in New Hampshire, each man faces up to 7.5 to 15 years in prison.

Although this kind of situation in any form is unacceptable, please remember there are ways to have transactions with fellow community members to ensure everyone stays safe. Know your buyers and sellers. If you don’t know them, vet them. And keep transactions verified and online, or in very public environments.


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