Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta says he will deliver a musical massacre at Sting this year. The Vybz Kartel protégé argues that his career has reached the stage to indulge in musical warfare, however, only a few will feel his lyrical wrath.

He also had strong words for Gage and Alkaline, who he says have stolen from elements of his persona.

“Mi come with a new style inna music and people a try copy it, but people know the original from the followers. A me sey gothic dancehall and start wear mask and now Alkaline a wear mask and everybody dun know Gage a knock-off already, so I guess I am the trendsetter,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.

“Sting is about clash and wi reach the level inna music fi duh dat. But a nuh everybody wey diss wi a guh get up and answer. But fans will see a different side of Tommy Lee and when mi roll out, somebody a guh get massacre. Gage how yu fi war wid di dead? Mi not even have to prepare for him because mi born a warrior,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.

The deejay recently released a diss single aimed at Gage and Alkaline called Bad Man Dawg. He also called the latter a coward during an interview recently.

“Alkaline a coward man, him nuh bad,” Tommy Lee Sparta laughed. The deejay released several music videos during the course of 2014 and also received an award from Hapilos music distributors for the impressive sales of the single Psycho.


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