Tommy Lee Sparta regrets the fact that he was unable to complete his high school education.

The Gothic Dancehall superstar was forced to drop out of high school in the 4th form after he fathered his second child in four years.

According to the “Savage Life” deejay, he does not have any regrets about any of his seven children, however he does look back regretting the fact that he did not getting a better education.

The Sparta deejay was quick to point out that he is far from being uneducated, as he is very literate and can articulate himself well enough, however now recognizes the importance of many of his studies and how they would have enhanced his career today.

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The deejay says he now sees the importance of subjects such as Literature on his career, as music has evolved drastically over the years, becoming more focused on structure on lyrical content as opposed to just catchy melodies.

Because of this the “Not A Badness” deejay admits he does regret not pay more attention to his studies while he had the opportunity.

However the Montego based superstar has no plans to allow any of his seven children to live with any such regrets, as he says they all attend top schools, and have no option but to pay full attention to their studies.


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