Jamaican selector Tony Matterhorn who was as of late captured professedly posturing with two cross dressers at an abroad occasion is at the end of the day the center of more discussion.

After the photograph circulated around the web the exceptionally vocal athlete took to online networking clarifying his purpose behind taking the photo, ” “Sunday gone mi a tek picture with unadulterated young ladies, two tall young ladies come, mi tek picture… today on Facebook, ‘him ah tek picture with transvestites… ” Matterhorn said, including “mi nuh care on the off chance that they look like evil presence… I couldn’t care less, I tek the photo dem in light of the fact that I am not preferential, I am not supremacist. They go about their happy ways, I go my ways.”

All things considered, evidently that clarification was not tasteful for kindred performers Gully Bop and Mc Nuffy who berated the selector amid a stop in New York City on their current U.S. visit.

In a feature which seems, by all accounts, to be recorded in the region of the New York City Pier, Bop and Mc Nuffy rebuked Matterhorn saying they saw him on Facebook with a man rubbing down his tummy like jam before expressing that “fi one likkle matterhorn and him likkle b***y


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