Jamaican selector Tony Matterhorn on Thursday night went on an exclamation ridden rage coordinated at a prominent blogger who discharged a photograph of the performer purportedly posturing with two cross dressers.

Woman Mermaid Blogeye set off a buzz when she shared the photograph on Thursday.

“Idk yow. I was sent this pic. Tony Matterhorn no boda come dun me,” the blogger said in the middle of “snickering” emoticons, including “I ‘m just sharing per my Blogeyes on watch.”

Jamaica has a notoriety of being narrow minded of the gay way of life. Furthermore, the dancehall, of which Matterhorn is a noteworthy player, is famous for its hostile to gay position.

A few eyewitnesses hammered Matterhorn after the photo surfaced.


“Matterhorn, do you have something to tell us???” Shelli Rich said.

Kay Nathan proposed that “Tony draw off a Tyga move, tranny partner”, making reference to the American rapper who has ended up in contention over his contribution with a transexual.

Different persons safeguarded the expert selector.

“I don’t see anything the matter with the pic bcus they are who they are, doesn’t implied we ought to separate,” said a Joany Don.

Guyanese Mammi contemplated, “On the off chance that they requesting that he bring a pic with dem what ya’ll need him to do? Be discourteous and say no. Ya’ll so damn infantile.”

Matterhorn the previous evening discharged a feature in which he impacts Lady Mermaid Blogeye while protecting his activities.

“Sunday gone mi a tek picture with immaculate young ladies, two tall young ladies come, mi tek picture… today on Facebook, ‘him ah tek picture with transvestites…” Matterhorn said, including “mi nuh care in the event that they look like evil spirit… I couldn’t care less, I tek the photo dem in light of the fact that I am not preferential, I am not bigot. They go about their happy ways, I go my ways.”
He then went on a swearword ridden tirade against Lady Mermaid by and by and blamed her for targetting him.


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