You meet new and interesting people, expand your mind and have a whole lot of fun.


That doesn’t mean that your time at the University of the West Indies Mona Campus didn’t have its pitfalls too.

Here are 10 struggles you’d only understand if you went to UWI Mona:

1. The only supermarket on campus is practically 1000 miles away.

2. Knowing that the moment the clouds open up and drops of rain escape you’re going to be dealing with monsoon flooding.

3. Student parking is in no man’s land – literally – close to nothing.

4. Getting your daily workout from having to trek from the main parking lot to the other side of the campus cause your faculty has no space for students to park…really?

5. The all-out war to get a seat in the IFLT.

6. Your car getting clamped because you parked in an illegal spot close to your faculty….you just didn’t feel like walking halfway around the world…

7. Foundation courses came straight from hell, specifically UC10B and FD13A. It would have been less painful to be knocked about with a cricket bat.

8. Dealing with UWI Mona campus’ unique weather system. It might be raining in one spot and dry as dust in another.

9. Speaking of the weather, you know that night and day on campus were like two different climate zones. In the day it would be hot like the Sahara desert, but you knew if you were staying late you’d need a sweater.

10. Not being able to enter at the main gate because you didn’t have a sticker…seriously?


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