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By contributing writer

1. Nahele
2. Euphoric
3. Unleashed
4. Leh WE go Sleek
5. Lijuan-Digicel


Jamaican carnival costumes 2015
Nahele, sponsored by Pure Country, is my most favorite costume of 2015. Not only is the design different from most front-line costumes, but I also love that there is no belt on the bikini bottom. In past years the belt was always an issue when I was getting ready, so I’m relieved that there is a better, more accessible design. The colours are also fantastic – pink is one of my favorite colours! Nahele definitely gets my vote for the top five on the road.


Jamaican carnival costumes 2015
Euphoric gets second place for me; it earned extra brownie points because I am so impressed with the quality of work produced by young upcoming designer, Summer Jarrett. There are two designs to this section: a monokini and a bikini. I would definitely recommend the bikini to avoid a horrible post-carnival tan line (with some additional bias because the monokini would not fit my body type).


Jamaican carnival costumes 2015
Unleashed earns a spot at third place. The design of the backline is designed like most costumes from Trinidad – and when it comes to carnival, it doesn’t get better than Trinidad. The details of the stones goes very well with the feathers and the colour of the bikini it self. The Bra design is creative and fits the female form with good coverage that is still sexy. As a bonus, the price of this costume is super reasonable – even the frontlines which are normally pricey.


Jamaican carnival costumes 2015
LehWeGo Sleek is my fourth favorite costume. It really represents Jamaica, the colours are more “Caribbeany” than all the rest of the costumes for 2015. The  barely-there coverage will definitely be an advantage for most ladies marching in that hot Jamaican sun. The covering of the stomach area is the main fault I have with this costume (I always prefer a bikini design) but the design and detailing is way better than most monokinis I’ve seen.


Jamaican carnival costumes 2015
Though Lijuan by Digicel comes in last on my list, it’s still one of my favourites for Jamaica 2015. The bikini in this section is a favourite. The bright red is so appealing, and the feathered head piece is a lovely, light-weight tiara. I normally find it difficult to walk through the carnival crowd with headpieces that aren’t tiara-designed so this is perfect for me.


Yep these are my favorite costumes for Carnival 2015! What are yours? Share in the comments section or use the hashtag #CarnivalBuzz to show us your picks on Instagram.


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