Many social-media users, particularly Trinidadians, are upset about the rapper’s performance, with many stating that the entertainer failed to give an authentic reflection of the country’s culture, and instead represented Jamaica and its culture.

On Sunday, Nicki Minaj performed her single, Trini Dem Girls, in tribute to the island of her birth. Decked out in full carnival garb, it was clear Minaj was in a patriotic mood. However, some of her fans weren’t, and they made their grouse evident. Following her performance, the entertainer shared a post from Vogue magazine’s Instagram page which showed a still shot from her stint onstage with the caption, “All in honour of my beautiful country, Trinidad”.

But shortly after making the post, the criticisms started pouring in, with many bashing the artiste for performing the song in what they called a ‘Jamaican accent’ rather than a ‘Trini’ one. After analysing her whole performance, social-media users said the only cultural aspect Minaj managed to get right in her performance was the costuming.


“The only thing Trinidadian about that performance was the costume, nothing else was, with your fake a … Jamaican accent,” read one post.

“You can’t even call yourself a Trini,” it continued.

Another user said, “Nicki, I love you, but why you sang the song in a Jamaican accent, though? Every thing was wrong but the costume.”

She was also criticised for representing Jamaica more than her birth country, with social-media users using her collaborations with several Jamaican artistes as example. One user said, “she did songs with Beenie, Mavado and Gyptian, but can’t do a song with Machel or Bunji yet. She is no Trini.”

Some users tried to come to the Anaconda singer’s defence by stating that mentioning Trinidad as her home country is enough representing, but they, too, came under heavy criticism.

“For those who are going to call me a hater or ungrateful because she put us on the map just by mentioning us, you should have a lil more dignity and stop putting a price on your name,” said one user.


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