Two men were fatally shot and one high powered rifle and a hand gun recovered during an early morning operation in the Kingston Western Division on Tuesday.

The dead men are yet to be identified.

Police report that about 4:00am they were conducting a search for wanted men in an area called Zimbabwe in Arnett Gardens when they were attacked by criminals carrying guns.

The Kingston Western Police Division includes political constituencies of South St Andrew and West Kingston.

Reports are that the men opened fire at the police team.

Lawmen said they returned the fire and during a more than 15 minute gun battle two men were shot.

One AK -47 rifle and one hand gun were recovered, police source told Loop News.

The injured men were rushed to hospital where they succumbed to their injuries.

Police believe the men are part of the group of criminals who have been locked in a deadly feud in the Kingston Western area in the past month.

Over the last two weeks at least three persons have been shot and killed and another 18 injured by gang members carrying out several attacks against each other.

The set of killings have left residents in the volatile division on edge.


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