Kris Jenner, 60, has finally given up on keeping Kylie Jenner, 18, away from Tyga, 26, but that doesn’t mean she’ll let Tyga completely take over her daughter’s life. Kris is insistent on keeping Kylie’s money out of her man’s hands, a source tells.

“When it comes to the money her girls have made, no man will touch that. Not even Tyga,” the source said. “Kris has got a dead man’s grip on the family’s fortune and she will protect the empire and those dead presidents until the day she dies.”

Down mamacita! We all know that Kris is the ultimate momager, and her dedication to the youngest of her daughters has been no different from all she’s done for the other girls. From Kylie’s lip kit and makeup tutorials, to her recent, gorgeous photo shoots, she has been doing some pretty big things for herself. It’s no wonder that Kris is concerned about Tyga getting a hold of her earnings.

Kris also has some serious reasons to dislike Kylie’s older boy toy. First, Tyga was caught texting a 14-year-old and even though he claims it was for professional reasons, it doesn’t look so good on his part. Then, the rapper was accused of cheating on the youngest of the Kardashian girls. He’s on extremely thin ice with Kris!

Another source recently said that Kris says Tyga is running out of chances to be with Kylie. The source revealed that Kris is “really fed up with him,” and “feels Tyga needs to grow up.”


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