Paparazzija just got wind that a website is claiming to have obtained a s3xtape starring Kylie Jenner and Tyga. The tape, which appears to have been filmed by a man that resembles Tyga and taken inside the changing room of a store.

It’s not at all clear that the video is authentic. But if it is, Kylie clearly has more SKILLS in the bedroom than her sister Kim – cause she’s BOUNCING LIKE A BASKETBALL.

How dis the website authenticate that the people in the video were in fact Tyga and Kylie? Well the website CelebJihad explained:

Man Accused Of Gas Station Robbery Beaten To Death By Residents — [Video Inside]

For Kylie Jenner has only ever gone out once with her (1) hair blonde and in cornrows, and on that day she was wearing (2) just a black t-shirt and (3) red sneakers. She also happened to film herself on Snapchat in a changing room with (4) the exact same doors as the one in the sex tape.
And the website posted a side-by-side comparison of the “Kylie” in the video, with Kylie on Snapchat:

Here is the comparison pic if you are interested.



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