Tyga needs to wed Kylie Jenner and he’s as of now approached Caitlyn Jenner for her little girl’s hand in marriage and Paparazzija.com has recently taken in the sweet way he did it! It includes the ESPYS and a wonderful bunch of roses.

Tyga, 25, won’t withdraw! The rapper has been talking about asking Kylie Jenner, 17, to wed him for a considerable length of time and he is at last getting the wheels under way to verify he can pop the inquiry around her eighteenth birthday on Aug. 10. Paparazzija.com has discovered that despite the fact that Tyga didn’t go to the 2015 ESPYS where Caitlyn Jenner, 66, was honored the prestigious Arthur Ashe Award, he did send her twelve white roses and a container of champagne to salute her! Be that as it may, that is not all. we’ve been told he additionally send a really serious letter about his affection for Kylie!

“At the point when Tyga acknowledged he knew he wouldn’t have the capacity to go to [the ESPYS], he sent Cailtyn up twelve of white roses with a container of Ace of Spades champagne,” our insider lets us know. “His letter was over the edge however.

He disclosed to Caitlyn why he couldn’t go to the show and apologized. At that point, subsequent to the day was about adoration and bravery, Tyga got a touch striking and composed this sweet little note about the amount he cherishes Kylie, and inquired as to whether she has the valor to give her authorization for him to wed Kylie and assuming this is the case, would she do the honor of strolling her girl down the isle.” Our source goes ahead to say: “Tyga’s truly set for win Cailtyn’s trust. He doesn’t need Cait to believe he’s an entrepreneur or to take a gander at him sideways. He needs her to acknowledge him the way she acknowledges Kanye [West]. Cait and Kylie are to a great degree close and Caitlyn’s the magic that binds that crew. Tyga needs to be family and Cait can get that going.”

In any case, how did Caitlyn respond to the greater part of this on such a major day for her inwardly? “Tyga knows Cailtyn got his message.

Kylie messaged him and let him know she did. Kylie additionally said Cait grinned and chuckled when she read it, took a gander at her and said ‘this man is something else, he’s a charmer good.'” We think this is truly sweet however we don’t think Kylie ought to get hitched to Tyga on the grounds that he wouldn’t like to get married with a prenup.

In the interim, Caitlyn has as of now told Tyga she supposes they are moving too quick and has advised Kylie she’s excessively youthful, making it impossible to get hitched. We simply trust that Kylie to keep running off a steal away!


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