It was reported that Tyga got a tattoo of rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s name on his arm after he posted this picture.

For fans of the reality star Kylie Jenner, it has been long known that her feud with Blac Chyna over her current beau, Tyga, has been brewing behind the cryptic yet obvious string of social media posts.

Recently, the feud has seemingly been intensified by the news that Tyga gave Kylie a $280,000 Ferrari as a surprise birthday gift on her 18th birthday.

According to TMZ, there have been rumors circulating that the luxurious car was apparently not paid outright by the 25-year-old rapper and is instead being leased. This accusation is ridiculous enough for Tyga to respond via Instagram, posting a picture of himself with a caption “When the hating don’t work they start telling lies. #WhereYoFerarriTho ?” Although he didn’t directly mention anyone, many assumed that he was referring to ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, who is suspected to be starting the rumor.

Blac Chyna didn’t respond but her bestfriend, Amber Rose, did as she posted a picture of her pink Ferrari, with a caption, “She don’t need a Ferrari, she can Drive mine #BFFGoals.”

This definitely was not a subtle response directed to Tyga’s post. Tyga didn’t back down after this, of course, and immediately posted back a photo of his super-shiny, gold-fronted Bentley with the message, “We drive our own whips peanut head #GoldPhantoms #LastKings.”

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner have currently remained quiet throughout the whole ordeal; however, as any of Blac Chyna’s followers know, this will be far from over. As seen from Blac Chyna’s latest posts, her pictures show off her body in some incredibly racy poses.

Whether this is to show Tyga what he is missing, it is definitely much more vague than the exchanges between Tyga and Amber Rose. It is assured, though, that if Tyga makes further comments like the one he did, Blac Chyna will surely fight back as it is very much in her nature to do so.


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