Good Times, recorded by American rapper Young Thug and Jamaican artiste Popcaan, is one of the more popular international hits of 2015, and was

Selected by as one of the best summer songs of the same year. However, according to Popcaan in a recent interview conducted overseas, he was not certain if he wanted to collaborate with Young Thug because the artiste is ‘shaky’.

Young Thug has been the centre of controversy in the United States due to his taboo style of dressing and his admission that he prefers to wear female-inspired clothing. He has also raised eyebrows from critics for his lyrics, style of delivery, and his habit of calling males ‘bae’, which is the shortened version of the word babe.

Popcaan says he recorded his part of the song first and Young Thug was added by the producer. However, he was sceptic because of the image Young Thug sells to the public.

“I was the first person to record on the track, I actually did a full song. They told me that an artiste would be featured on the song. After that, I was told that it would be Young Thug. It took awhile for it to go through because we in Jamaica, we have to run people file, it wasn’t really my choice because Young Thug kinda shake and yuh know a we seh straight,” he said.

In the same interview, Popcaan also spoke about his relationship with rapper Drake, which he said is one of mutual respect.

“Drake and OVO is straight up family. Drake is the one who said OVO Unruly. Drake views me as Drizzy Drake in Jamaica, and I view him as a young youth that is doing well in the game. He tweeted songs from Only Man She Want and lines from Get Gyal Easy. He also asked us to come to OVO Fest and he was listening to my mixtape there. He told me that he can relate to things that I sing,” Popcaan said.

Popcaan recently started his Unruly Clothing line which includes hats, shirts, blouses and swimwear. His merchandises can be purchased at


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