After the late remarks made by Reggae entertainer Chronixx about the President of the United States “Barack Obama” that he is a “Waste Man” the US Embassy got in contact with the performer to have a meeting.

Sources in the Chronixx camp created an impression about the circumstance and expressed “Chronixx got a call in the morning from a government staff inside the Embassy saying they ought to have a meeting


When we got that TIP the main thing rang a bell was his Visa and would it be taken away for his senseless remarks, yet of course that would indicate how openly we can utilize our “Right to speak freely”.

Sources likewise expressed; “We’re not certain what the meeting is about in light of the fact that they didn’t say however because of the late clash on the social networking about his Instagram post we just have one idea within reach

We are trusting for the best for the performer that it is nothing genuine and that he discovers that he is a Public Figure so he needs to utmost his words/remarks about certain circumstance and handle it in an expert way.

What’s your perspective on this point ? Kindly leave your remarks underneath:



    • You are the stupid one! Correct him, dont wish bad on another person. You are 100 times worst than chronixx. Why would you want to destroy an individuals livelyhood because of a mistake incomparable to the one name vybz Kartel? Do you know how much impact Chronixxx losing his visa has on Jamaica? You remove a market, reducing his employees, sending more broke pocket people and the streets of Jamaica. Think!

    • Listen man…don’t talk like that everyone make mistake in life so don’t try to put him down like that …And what religion have to do with that any how? , maybe u would not say that but do worse than that..u c we black people always glad when bad things happen to a next black person .. don’t pass no bad remarks on a another black youth.. at lease weather black or white. Why r u rejoicing… we cant 2 carful in life. I know u will say freedom a speech… but u r putting someone down…Don’t worry my youth When 1 door close another 1 open

  1. Chronixx statement was unfortunate . Jamaica needs a Bob Marley ” saver ” , not a political revolutionist .

  2. Well sir, write a song called Sorry, nah ‘Stupid’. it would have been wiser to walk around on your head.

    • Thats so true dont wait for us to hurt your travels the way how things are now u might cant even go cuba trust me .

  3. Leave the youth alone. People do make mistakes, and Its not you to penalize anybody. I respect Obama and what he’s doing and chronixx shouldn’t have made those remarks. He could have said it in a different way still. Teach the youths right and they will learn. You know how jamaica hard and tough, so when the youths doing something positive let them be. Why would you want them to take the man visa away? The same mouth thats says yes a di same mouth say NO. Many of you too two sided. Freedom of speech, Obama a huh God. Obama is a black president which is great, but at the end of the day everybody can say dem thing. One should also know that the U.S embassy in jamaica is a spy too. People must be careful that the U.S embassy is not there to only give out visa, its there to spy on the people too.

  4. First off please allow me to apologize to the president,the american government and its people,to the Jamaican officials and all Jamaicans. My comment was very hastily and unfortunate, now that am backtracking i would not have said what i have said and am kindly asking the president and everyone who found my action disrespectful to forgive me. Am also asking that people to please not judge me base upon this unfortunate mistake and please to not take my views and opinions as that of the entire Jamaica. I would like to retract my comment and hope that my apology will be considered and accepted. Thank you in advance.

  5. Marva Beckford Hibbert, you have said that Portia Simpson Miller has been shown more disrespect than the POTUS. Not true! You need to see how the POTUS is being disrespected by the Republicans in his own country, but that is another matter. Let me get to the crux of the matter.First of all, you are conflating the issues. You are confused.You need to understand, Marva, that the United States Embassy albeit in Jamaica, is subjected to US LAWS and US foreign policies. The US embassy is a part of America although physically located in Jamaica. That’s how it goes with Embassies. Now, having separated the issues, I hope you will appreciate that what happens in Jamaica is separate and apart from what happens in the United States, the US EMBASSY in this case therefore they have a right to do whatever they see fit.

  6. Don’t worry yourself Mr. Chronixx, it’s just the little visa they will cancel/ask you to return. Life goes on my friend.

  7. Those who see no harm in Chronnix waste man comment would you be offended if Obama called Marcus Garvey a waste man? Would it be a big deal?

    • talk louder…dem nah hear..dem a talk bout (i believe in free speech) free or not.. it comes with consequences..cause ano wall uno a talk to..its a being with feelings that has a choice to react or not

    • True
      Some think Marcus was a joke
      Even today tht his ideology de ya
      Man them don’t have that kinda personal sacrifice he had
      To take the movement to the next level
      look backhistory
      Back than and now

  8. Chronixx
    The scripture teach us about our tongues and how we run them in the book of James.For their is no speech no language where the voice is not heard.
    Respect goes a long way
    Always good to look at issues
    From all angle before we comment.

  9. you see how people are, i know that if chronixx did made a similar comment like that disrespecting the Jamaican prime minister we wouldn’t hear a bell ring. so whats the difference?

  10. It’s Crazy obama Obama Hahaha yeah he’s black hmmmm Bill Clinton too huh I just would like to say Ghaffi had the plan and was implementing a system or an ideology that would have surely turn the tables and Give our MOTHER ( Africa) The economic power that every black man and woman should want for their mother. I wonder over saw the demise and slaughter of Ghaddafi

  11. Chronixx is wrong to make a statement like that about the President OK he who have no sin cast the first stone, really Jamaicans? We should be behind him 100% chronixx is one of us too and maybe he doesn’t mean it in a bad way because we Jamaicans use “slangs” all the time . Let us learn not to sell out our own no matter what. Tell him he is wrong but don’t just throw him to the hungry lions. May God intervene on our behalf because whatever happens will affect everyone some day.

  12. For a brilliant guy whit such great music his mouth is full of shit, and for that i dont apologize. he first disrespect Lisa Hanna the the world most powerful being .it doesn’t matter how down to earth you all wanna say Obama is he deserve our respect will leads me to this STRIP CHRONIXX OF HIS US VISA so he wont have to enter the waste man country as that what he think no need to second guest US Embassy.

  13. Not to say that i agree with Chronnix but it’s freedom of speech now let me ask this question , what if it was Portia Simpson him call waste woman, wonder what would be the remarks posted here ? i have heard much more disrespectful thing said about our prime ministers over the years and no one said a thing

  14. Him too bright. Tru him dis Lisa Hanna an get weh him a try dis the president. Revoke him visa right now. Let’s see how mighty he is. Hurry come up boy.


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