R&B superstar Usher was involved in a club fight on New Year’s Eve and reports claim he got punched in his eye by a rude white guy.

According to celebrity gossip site mediatakeout, the “Good Kisser” crooner became angry after a drunk threw nasty comments at his ‘fiance’ named Grace while they were having a great time together at Miami’s hotspot E11 Even.


The site claims an insider told them that:

‘Usher was in VIP with his girlfriend, and some drunk White guy was screaming disrespectful things towards Usher, trying to get his attention. When that didn’t work, he started saying nasty things about his [fiance Grace]. The guy called her ‘ugly’ . . .

To Usher’s credit, he didn’t act like a b*tch. He broke through security and started fighting the guy. Usher f*cked him up. It was like a four piece – Usher must be a boxer or something because the punches were very fast.

I don’t know how Usher’s eye got like that because I didn’t see White dude even tough Usher.’

About that boxing, we recall that Usher took up boxing for an upcoming movie role where he plays Sugar Ray Leonard.

He also posted on his Instagram an image of his punched red eye and captioned: “You should see the other guy!!”

Wow! Who thought Ush could be so ruthless!


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