Wah tek dem schoolgirl ya? Ah how dem so heated fi buddy? There is a sex video making the rounds with a 17 year old schoolgirl from Clarendon having sex with a taximan in the back of his car trunk.

The girl is now being called ‘movie star’ by her jeering classmates and she has been prevented from attending the graduation.

In the lead story by the Jamaica Star, the sex act is described as such.

The four-minute video, begins with the teenager screaming and thrashing around in the car trunk, obviously biting off more than she could chew.

“Jeeezaass, Jeeezaass whoieee you a go killed me (expletives, expletives expletives) Jay?” the unnamed young female (who is now dubbed “movie star”) wailed as she attempted to escape from the obvious ‘punishment’.

“Jaaaay Jaaay tek it out youout a mi p….y please Jay,” she screamed as the thrashing continued in the trunk of the car that was parked in a cane field in Clarendon.



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