Vershon is making rounds online after reports of him running to safety after being jumped Mavado’s entourage over the weekend.

According to multiple reports online, the ‘My Success’ singer and the ‘Gully Gad’ were both at the Norman International Airport in Jamaica, when a members of Mavado’s crew spotted him.

One alleged eye-witnesses says Vershon was attacked by entourage members howoever he ran frantically to the exit and entered a nearby taxi leaving behind his luggage.

Following the incident Vershon has since come out claiming that his recent track was not a Mavado diss. The recording artist has moved to dismiss allegations that he took lyrical shots at the ‘Gully Gad’ in his recent single “My Success,” after the song was labeled a ‘diss track’ by numerous YouTube uploaders.

The “Inna Real Life” singer, who was previously involved in a lyrical feud with the Gully Gad’s protege Jahmiel earlier this year has sought to distance himself from the allegations, stating that he never mentioned the deejay nor did he label his single a diss track.

According to the singjay, the re-branding of the track was done by malicious persons hoping to attract attention for their YouTube channels and to instigate a rivalry between the two camps.

The “Wet” deejay says although he is no coward, he is not currently interested in any feuds at this time as he is totally focused on expanding his brand, and releasing content that will stand the test of time.

Despite these statements several fans are still of the belief that the young deejay did in fact take subliminal shots at the Gully Gad due to a particular line making reference to the “Gully side.” He has however dismissed this as purely coincidental.


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