A horrifying video has emerged of a male leopard attacking six people after it escaped from the wild and entered a school in Southern India.

Video footage of the shocking incident in Bangalore, India, show the animal prowling around the school and trying to maul wildlife officers as they tried to capture him.

Ravi Ralph, chief wildlife officer in Karnataka state, said the leopard appeared to have entered the school from a nearby forest by jumping over the compound’s wall.

The leopard is seen attacking a man lying on the ground and is also shown sinking its claws into another man’s leg!

Wildlife official Ravi Ralph say that the leopard could have got into the school from a patch of forest not far from the school.

“The leopard was caught and caged after a four-hour operation, when it was trapped in a room with one tranquilliser shot through a wire-meshed ventilator,” Ralph said.

The captured animal has since been moved to a national park and the six injured people – including a cameraperson of a TV channel -have been treated for minor injuries. Fortunately no students were in the school at the time of the leopard’s arrival as the incident happened over the weekend.

Check out the SHOCKING video above!

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