Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Gully Bop has been on a rocky road as far as relationship is concerned, Chin had been the first in which he went public with until they had a bitter and bloody end

The Bop went on to date several other women along the way until he went missing from the public’s eyes, he then suddenly resurfaced online in a mind blowing picture with himself and Business Mogul 50 Cent which had tongues wagging.

In Unconfirmed reports its said that he will be featured in his movie Power with a big budget, now many people are saying Chin is back in the picture to reap the rewards as she has always been doing back when the two was an item.

50 Cents Signs Gully Bop a Million Dollar Contract for Power Season 4 [PHOTOS INSIDE]


“chin you come back fi more money lol”

“I knew he was gonna go back they both love each other”

“Lol chin get trick because power season 4 has been canceled”

“I can’t with these two… Guess 50 cent got everybody running back”

“No a lie.. Is a BBC lie y’all woman to fucking careless with y’all life..

“Show dem seh a money run the world chin chin and not love …. Awww boy poor gully”



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