Once again another female patron felt the need to dance over fire in Jamaica.

At a recent Danehall party a young girl and her friend who were co-horsed by the MC (selector) to “warm up your p@@sy” went ahead and made the stupid decision of stooping over blazing fire as a form of dance move.

This act is nothing new to dancehall parties as a few months ago another set of females felt the need to do the same. This time though; The young lady misjudged and went a bit far and got sizzled on her buttocks. She could be seen and heard screaming with the flames between her crotch.

Upon the video being released, many viewers decided to share their opinions on the young girls actions and how distasteful it was.

“This is so freaking dumb, I just don’t understand why they can’t find something positive to do with their time, I swear some people not dealing with a full deck. It’s like they are running out of things to do to entertain themselves, this sh** just don’t make no sense”

Another viewer went on to say “I’m Jamaican, but I can’t cosign this BS. Whining is apart of the culture and I’m all for having a good time but some juss take it to another level and its just plain ridiculous. Why would you even expose yourself to the possibility of getting severely injured??? Like dam you need some attention that bad???”

Jamaican Girl Dancing by Avando_Graphix-King


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