Jamaican Man Cries, Screams and Kicks On A Plane While Being Deported

It is a scary thought being ordered to leave a country in which you have spent most of your years or had began to set up roots only to find out that you will be sent back to a country which you had left years ago and leave everything behind that you have grown to know and love.

This was exactly the case for this Jamaican man that was caught on video by several passengers. The thought of being deported was obviously a scary thought for him and he could be heard screaming for dear life.

It is uncertain whether the man was being deported due to a criminal offence or because of an illegal entry into the country and was caught, but several officials had to rush to restrain him into his seat which left the passengers on the flight in shock at the sight.

Deportation is a common occurrence in Jamaica as many natives faces economic crisis and flees the country in an effort to better their lives for themselves and there families. In many instances when these people are caught and sent home, there are forced to turn to criminality or live on the streets due to their lack of job opportunities or family ties in the island.


Jamaican Man Cries & Screams On Plane While… by Avando_Graphix-King


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