There was a time in the past where only boys behaved tardy to authoritative bodies inside and outside of school but these days so much have changed.

Girls have been and are now engaging in daily school fights whether with fellow students and even with teachers.
The incident below shows a female student engaged in quite a tussle with three hugely built men, one of whom is clad in a police uniform. The young girl can be seen swinging and flashing trying to be released from the grasp of one of the men who might have been the principal of the school.

Another man, in red shirt, who is said to be a police officer in civilian clothes seems to be the one who the young girl is targeting, he also was making advances to hit the school girl. At one point to the end of the video, he relieves the policeman in uniform of his baton which he then tried to hit the teenager with.


“everyone quick to wrong the police but I’d like to see the full video of what was going on where the police need to get involved.. maybe people should raise their youth proper and this wont be an issue”

“You don’t see the the next police a talk to her and she point up on the police and him ave to a tell her calm her self them a big woman and big man no kids na go school again you think me could gwan so wen me ago school”

“Buss har backside…nobody can talk to dem damn pickney nw a days…dem nuh ave nuh damn discipline…it very serious when a police have to be called in to settle a dispute it simple means that the teachers can’t deal with it anymore. No damn discipline….I wrk with this age group so I know what I’m saying….These kids are uncontrollable.”

So why do you Jamaican people think that you have the right to disrespect to police officers?. Learn to to respect the law. They have the power to arrest. Do not resist arrest. If the police arrest you ,then abuse you, then the law should deal with him. God is the greatest Judge. The Jamaican police also needs some training. The British police are we trained. They have manners.

“Really now one little girl and the police man have to used a baton Jamaica police need training them don’t spell No sense may be that police officer love to abuse woman”

“this police man just used a batten on that little girl ? Office you are a shame to the hard working police officer who work so hard to carry out there duties professionally, a female police is to deal with a young lady, i am waiting to see the out come of this and the officer in uniform was very smart to inform in of the vid”

“That’s Charlie Smith High School in Arnette Garden where my mother is a teacher and let me tell you, those student are in no way shape or form good kids especially since the school merger with Trench Town High School and dem a di worst. Dem fi get some fuck lick dem a no pickney cause dem no act like pickney.”

“All who a say police have a right to abused a person bcz they are resisting…
I would like to know who gave them that right?…
Aren’t police man/woman civil servants anymore?
The time it take to think about abusing a child/man or woman, three a Dem should’ve try to restrain him/her..
And not beat ppl child like a dem pickney”

“Some a them fi get fuck lick kmt I don’t give a fuck I’m sure if she was behaving better this would be less drama”

School Girl by Boneyaad


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