Video Of The Dancehall Artist That Kept His Own FUNERAL

The video of the talked about event held recently in Jamaica which involves and up-coming dancehall artiste by the name of Real Overdose who did the unimaginable of planning and executing his own funeral service.

Since the news broke the artiste has received many criticism from both viewers and members of the music industry stating that these gimmicks being used to draw attention is damaging the image of dancehall in the eyes of the world.


“Dem shoulda bury yuh rass forreal n leave u in the ground forreal… Now how’s that for a real funeral feel? Idiot”

“All me now one shot give his ass a real funeral f#ckin stupid cause he’s desperate to die, but the Bible did say plenty ago a seek death but it shall flee from them here’s one”

“All dem f-ery ya in a d morning. If dem no got nothing fi do. Why dem no donate d money to my account. Mi no ready fi dead yet. Worse like how funeral expensive..”

“As the idiot go home bk im should just drop dw an dead. F@cking idiot a waste money an we want it”


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