This is the question being asked by many after series of videos have been uploaded which shows what goes on in various dancehall parties.

The most recent controversy is that of Dancer Marvin and his crew who were seen in a video violently attacking a woman. The men were seen ripping the lady’s clothing, placing a bucket on her head and even dove on her on the ground with the entirety of their weight while the audience watched without intervention.

The video has sparked a major controversy on-line as various persons (mainly women) have commented how distasteful and demeaning the act was.

Some persons even commented that the so-call “dance routine” by these men came off closely resembling that of rape because the woman clearly refused to participate yet still the men refused to stop.


“Me wuda stab up Marvin I swear heights of disrespect”

“Marvin move yuh p#ssyclaat a dance dat a f@ckery DAT plus nuh man nuh f&ck so a r.ape dat bbc”

“This is just barbaric!!!! Like flipping monkeys!!! And they pulling on the string of her shirt!!! Straight disrespectful!!”

“She look like she as down syndrome I hate this lack of respect”

“This is bullcrap!!! This ticked me the hell off! A wonder if these bastards know they can get arrested. This is beyond fun and joke at this point. A only some women they can play these stupid disrespectful nonsense with!!! ???”

“Disrespectful! I dont see how any mature person can find this funny or entertaining. Looks like wild animals. How this kinda dancing is called dancing? Shameful how some of uno dont see nothing wrong with this but let it happen to your daughters and then it will become a reality how degrading this act is. Its like they are promoting rape. Smdh”


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