With Vybz Kartel’s appeal date fast approaching, there is a good possibility that the self proclaimed “World boss” and “Dancehall hero” could win his appeal. What were mere speculations of jury misconduct and violations of Jamaica’s Jury Act are now confirmed facts, according to the entertainer’s attorney.

Vybz Kartel and his defense team are banking on a few issues that they believe might help to free the world boss. A juror misconduct case has revealed various irregularities that may breathe new life into Vybz Kartel’s upcoming appeal.

Juror Livingston Caine stands accused of attempting to bribe fellow jurors into returning a not-guilty verdict. Caine has denied these charges and went on to reveal that instead of deliberating the evidence, the other jurors were busy planning a party to celebrate putting Vybz Kartel away after returning a guilty verdict.

Vybz Kartel’s defense attorney has also countered that one juror on the case works with the Jamaica Defense Force, while another is the wife of a prominent police officer—both violations of Jamaica’s Jury Act. With the water this muddy plus the fact that the prosecutor only had circumstantial evidence, Vybz Kartel has a great chance of winning his appeal, if not for his immediate freedom, he stands a great chance of securing a retrial.

Stay tuned to Paparazzi Jamaica to learn more as the appeal draws nearer and nearer.


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