Aidonia claimed that Vybz Kartel and Mavado only soared to the top of the dancehall pyramid because of their highly publicised ‘Gaza vs Gully’ feud, highlighting that dancehall thrives on negativity. He also said he had hits on the same rhythms Vybz Kartel and Mavado were feuding on, however, those hits were overshadowed by the ‘Gaza’ and ‘Gully’ conflict.

“For years dem sey the two baddest lyricists is Aidiona and Kartel, so if yuh call him name yuh haffi call my name. Every year Aidonia always inna dancehall music, a people a try mek it look different … a just the clash mek the whole thing different. If it wasn’t for the clash, things would have been different, people love negative and dancehall build pon da thing deh. They shun Aidonia glory and push up some other thing,” Aidonia said in the interview.

Career boost

However, fans of Vybz Kartel quickly took to Facebook and YouTube to share their own views on Aidonia’s career, as many were not so pleased with the artiste.

“Lawd God, what a man lie. You coulda bad like Kartel? A mek some comment fi try boost the career weh a guh down the toilet. A come bout man nuh make song weh big like Jockey. Eva go pon YouTube and search for Go Go Whine? Or Summer Time? And the list goes on. How can you be as great as Kartel when Kartel deh a jail from Sept 2011 till now and him a drop more song than you who deh a road? How many hits you have since 2014? Don’t worry I will wait,” one viewer said.

Another posted, “You need fi calm yuh self Aidonia … yuh bad, yes…but straight up, yuh thing nuh up there like Kartel. Yuh not even have a tune weh pass seven million views on YouTube. Kartel summer tune have 31 million views and still counting. Go hold a chair yute.”

One notable critic Pinkweightloss1, even sought to offer some career advice to Aidonia, in the process comparing his versatility to that of Vybz Kartel’s.

“It’s not all about metaphors, people have to love what you’re saying. Kartel sometimes make people laugh with his word play, Aidonia doesn’t do that. Secondly, Kartel has more clarity than Aidonia in his songs. Thirdly, Kartel more versatile. How many poverty type songs does Aidonia have that people can say that they feel the struggle this man went through? How many cultural songs doesm he have? How about party songs and trendy topics? If he does you can probably count it on one hand. Aidonia needs to recognise that the one bag of gun and gangsta lyrics and gyal songs with a few weed songs in-between can’t carry you through your entire career in this day and age in dancehall,” the user said.

Aidonia and Vybz Kartel exited the Bounty Killer-led Alliance in 2007. Prior to that, Aidonia also had split his former manager, Skatta Burrell.


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