Rae Town residents are pointing fingers at correctional officials for the flow of contraband into the Tower Street Adult Remand facility, popularly known as GP.

They are also warning prison officials not to disturb their peace, following recommendations to install more effective cell phone jammers at the facility.

The residents told THE STAR that their phone service capabilities have been restored, following a period of disruption due to jamming technology that was installed at the prison.

However, they are now wary that more enhanced jammers could disrupt outside communication once again after discussions surrounding the clampdown on contraband.

Yesterday, our news team spoke to several residents who shared alleged experiences relating to what or who they say as the root of the issue.

A male resident told THE STAR, “It’s all about the money. Who you think carry the weapons, phones, weed, cocaine and dem ting deh go in deh? A warder and police because that is their hustling. Dem get more money than weh the Government a pay dem.”

Allegedly witnessed

The residents believe the focus should be shifted from the prisoners to cleaning up the ‘system’.

A woman told THE STAR of an incident she allegedly witnessed a few years ago when drugs were brought into the facility.

“Mi see big bag a weed throw over wall there and warder in a box deh so and see. Same way the drugs get inside, a same way the phone dem reach in. If warder say it can’t reach in, it can’t. Me a tell you, mi live ya so and see that,” she said.

Another male resident told THE STAR that corruption can’t stop inside the prison because Jamaica is a ‘hustling’ country.
“If the head of the thing dirty, then the root ago mucky. Nobody in there respect you for who you are. They respect what you can do for them. It can’t stop, Jamaica is a hustling country. Dem fi stop warder from carry in the contraband. The man outta road can’t carry it in and the prisoner can’t carry it in, a dem (warder), a fi dem work that, the money making part of it,” he said.

Attempts to get a comment from Ina Hunter, commissioner of corrections, proved futile as calls were not answered.


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