Internet sensation Wally British recently opened up to fans revealing that she has considered going under the knife.
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For months many fans were quick to point out that the comedian is looking rather different in appearance these days, leading many to speculate that she has had cosmetic surgery done to her body.

However, although the social media sensation was quick to deny the claims she was also very open in admitting she could try certain procedures to enhance certain problem areas of her body in the near future.

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According to Wally, at the moment she is actually very interested and has actually already reached out to several establishments to inquire about the cost for certain procedures.

The comedian reveals that the prices are actually very tempting considering the massive discounts she could get based on her popularity and willingness to share her journey with others.

The comedian says although the anticipates some backlash from fans who may frown upon her as she previously spoke down upon the practice on social forums she is already prepared for that and could make adjustments to her stomach and breasts.


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