The victim has been offered money since for the past to years since she was twelve. She is now fourteen. The offender, Michael Jones, 34 moved to the area (Constant Spring) in late 2013. Residents of the neighborhood claims they hear he moved from Montego Bay due to accusations of rape.

The young girl met him on her way from school. She said he stopped her one day and gave her $1000 and asked her to stop by the same location the next day for more. It was since then the sexual relations began and extended into two years.


Her mother came in early from work one day and noticed she wasn’t there. Someone pointed her in the direction of the ma’s house. t was then she walked in and found them in a sexual position. The man has since been arrested.

We are urging you to be vigilant about your children. Accepting money from strangers can lead to numerous happenings including death.


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