Golden State Warriors Trade Rumors – The top contenders for the championship might not be over with their trades. After losing Harrison Barnes, they might get a replacement by signing free agent Josh Smith.

Surely, signing the top free agent this season, Kevin Durant, took a lot of cap space. But they still have enough to fill in a few more players. And definitely enough to get Josh Smith as well. His price might be cheap for his set of skills especially when paired with the team, per YIBADA.

On a personal level, Smith, or anyone for that matter, would love to enjoy the experience of winning a championship. And luckily for him, rumors suggest that he may well likely go with the Warriors. And from there, some Warriors fans could take him in as a replacement for Harrison Barnes.

That would mean, that aside from the huge boost from Durant’s signing, Smith could offer a bit more push to the team’s offense. And that is without sacrificing offense which would do well with the team.
So not only do the team has a good set of starting players, their second-unit would still prove tough to beat. This would also prove a productive bench for the Warriors that may likely take the spotlight off their starting five.

The team does still have one more spot to fill in their roster. And for the team to write Smith’s name onto that list will be no problem. Aside from being a replacement to Barnes, he could do well as a substitute for Draymond Green, according to Gamenguide.

The Warriors have always done the catch-and-shoot type of play. Smith’s offensive and defensive options can definitely help with that. The thirty-year-old knows how to shoot three-pointers efficiently while defensively, he could rebound and block shots.

Smith last played for the Houston Rockets. And prior to that, he has played for several teams, most notably the Atlanta Hawks which he served for nine years.

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