Fans have been under the impression the jailed deejay Vybz Kartel was Boxed and beaten in prison by other high profile inmates.

Reports of Vybz Kartel boxed and beaten in prison by a few high profile inmates has been a circulated rumor in the streets, however Best of EliteUnderstands that a Detective of the Jamaica police force has confirmed this long standing rumor to be true. The news took social media by storm yesterday and Kartel fans are enraged.


The source revealed that since Vybz Kartel was sentenced about 5 years ago, the “Miracle” deejay has been in altercation with former high profile wanted men and rival gangs in prison.

The source also went further to say that some time ago Joel Andem and Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton Boxed and beat him in prison, police had to move him from cell block to new Horizon facility on the new side of Horizon.

Vybz Kartel Angel

Vybz Kartel Appeal

Reports have surfaced that incarcerated Dancehall star Vybz Kartel’s legal team is yet to commence his appeal process.

The circumstances of the court drawbacks are now raising questions among Dancehall fans on whether or not the “Western Union” deejay is giving up.

Earlier this year, Kartel’s lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson disclosed that the transcripts for his appeal are ready.


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