Kim Kardashian reportedly got some bad news about her second pregnancy.

The baby is breech, which means that it’s not in proper position for natural childbirth.

She revealed the news on her website in a very personal post.”His head is still up and it’s supposed to be down. He was supposed to turn by 32 weeks.”

“So now, I will have to get a C-section. Or so I thought!”Kim goes on to reveal that she’s got a great doctor who may be able to deliver the breech baby. She added that she usually consults Kris Jenner or her sister, Kourtney, for advice…… but neither of the mothers have been through a breech birth.

“Obviously, if it’s an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section,” she wrote.”…but if I don’t need one, I’d rather not.” Sounds reasonable to us!

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