As Kim Kardashian and Kanye West eagerly await the birth of their second child, the rapper is already thinking up ways for his son to earn some cash!

According to a new report, the 38-year-old wants the infant to land a modeling contract, and he plans on using his Yeezy clothing line to make that happen.

“After the little guy is [here], he’ll be in front of the cameras, dressed head-to-toe in all Yeezy baby wear and that’ll be [his] first modeling campaign,” a source reveals of the Grammy winner’s plans.

“Kanye’s old school. His parents taught him how to work and fend for himself at a very young age,” the insider continues. “With all the modeling Kanye’s planning for his little guy and negotiating him a kick a– contract, the kid will practically pay for himself and have tons of cash left over.”

But what does mama Kim think of his plan? “[She] loves the idea,” the source tells Hollywood Life. “Between North and their son, the two kids will have a multi-million dollar empire before they’re ten!”

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