Earlan Bartley known under his stage name Alkaline is a popular rapper and dancehall musician who gained bigger recognition in 2014. Music brought him some considerable wealth. As of 2016, Alkaline’s total net worth is approximately $600 thousand. Let’s take a closer look on his success.

Alkaline was born on December 19th, 1993 in Kingston, Jamaica. He pursued an undergraduate degree in media and communication at the University of West Indies. However, his main passion was always music. Alkaline was writing his own songs since he was only 14 years old.

To distinguish himself he was the first artist who tattooed his eyeballs. Many experts warned that this medical procedure is very dangerous and may even cause blindness. Alkaline himself didn’t suffer from any adverse effects. Young Brooklyn rapper called Mace tried to emulate him and also got his eyeballs tattooed with black ink. Unfortunately, the ink caused him some complications in his right eye. He was on medication for two weeks and eventually recovered.

In 2014, Alkaline was picked for the title 21st Hapilos Breakout Artist Of The Year. This boosted his net worth and fame. We wished him similar luck in his future career.


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